Property Selling Tips


Do your research! Your property will sell based on the most recent comparable sales in your community. Unless your property truly stands out for your area, comparable sales should be the number one factor in pricing your house.

Clean, clean, and clean more

Foul odors, dirty bathrooms, and spider webs hanging from ceilings are big turn-offs for buyers. You don’t even see the things in your home that others may see as dirty. Have a friend or acquaintance do a walk-through for you.

Visit Open Houses

There’s nothing like seeing a sale-ready home of a neighbor to let you compare your home. Visit similar properties, and pay special attention to staging, the type and amount of furniture, and decoration.

Picking a Real Estate Broker

Almost two out of every three people who sell their properties themselves say they wouldn’t do it again a second time. The amount of work involved, including pricing, open houses, negotiations, contracts, and lack of exposure lead them to use a professional the next time around.

Not all agents are Realtors, and not all Realtors are Brokers. Choose an agent with the experience, knowledge, and integrity of a Real Estate Broker, who is a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Remove ALL Personal Items

Your potential buyers must be able to see themselves in your home. Your family photos, your sponge-painted orange wall, and your doggy bed – they all have to go. You may find it boring, but your home should be a blank slate for the new buyers’ lives. A bit of style is great, but YOUR style may not be. Neutral is always best.

Take all offers as a positive sign

Buyers are not trying to offend you. Their offer says nothing about what they think about your home or you. They like your property, they just want to get a good deal. You can turn a low offer into a well-negotiated sale price. Treat it as a transaction, not an analysis of your life or lifestyle.


Home Marketing Strategies

Multiple Listing Services

This may seem obvious, but you need to know there are numerous MLS services available to all Florida real estate agents. Each one has different policies in regards to data sharing, data accuracy, and visibility to potential buyers. If you decide utilize my services to list a property for sale in Palm Beach County, I can assure you that your listing will receive maximum MLS exposure. There are many agents who can not honestly make such a claim. Feel free to contact me for further explanation!

One little MLS secret, many agents will never reveal, is that they will setup your listing and indicate that other real brokers may not advertise your property, without written permission. Even more surprising, if other brokers do request written permission, it is probable such agents will either reject or ignore such requests. Unless you have a good reason to limit exposure to your property, make sure your agent is not providing any advertising obstacles.


With over 90% of home buyers relying on the internet to locate properties, this is another no brainer. But, not all real estate agents have the same access to resources and services to provide maximum distribution of listing data. There are thousands of web sites where your property can be listed on and it is impossible for any agent to manually submit your property listing to each one. Brokers now rely on third party data distribution companies to broadcast your listing to as many websites as possible. If a broker chooses the wrong data distributor or drops the ball, your property listing could be non-existent on many web sites, which will limit your exposure. In addition, if you choose a real estate agent who is either with a small MLS service or is working outside the predominate MLS territory for your area, it is very possible your listing could be non-existent on local area agent web sites. Many local area agents may only acquire a single MLS data feed for their website, which may not include your property listing. Feel free to contact me for further explanation!

25 QUALITY Pictures

Really? Yes, really! This ties into Internet marketing. When your agent uploads 25 pictures into the MLS, it provides you with far more exposure as compared to listings with fewer pictures. Every extra picture supplied adds to the number of impressions your property could have in respect to search engine results. In addition, when I provide a batch of listings to potential buyers, I try to sort the listings into an order where the better properties are at the top of the list. Since sort order has its limitations, I often choose to sort based on number of pictures. I do this because in most cases, distressed properties are most likely to have one picture and the better properties are maxed out at 25. I am sure other agents and potential buyers know this and do the same. I have seen some Buyers cross properties off their desired show list due to poor quality pictures or not enough to catch their attention.


More common sense, but you would be amazed how often agents supply little to no information about a property. Imagine if a buyer was looking for a pet friendly property and their agent simply provided search results based on MLS data. If your property was pet friendly and your listing agent left such a field blank, your property would not be invisible to that buyer and many others. I have seen some property listings which had “0” as the home size. I can guarantee those Seller’s were invisible to many buyers. Make sure you and your agent provide as much detail about your property as possible and make sure it is accurate!


Not a video of panning back and forth of still pictures, but a full motion high definition video. Most buyers are more likely to stay focused on your property and remember it later if they invest the time and effort to watch a full motion video tour. Not only does it provide Buyers with more visual information, it can also give your property a perceived personalty or character, which will be hard to convey with still pictures.


The MLS and real estate web sites have limits to the amount of data you can provide. To add more details and to provide even more exposure on the internet through social media and search engine results, a single site web site can be very helpful in giving your property more exposure. Link it to a easy to remember domain name and share it with others who may have friends or family looking to buy. Add the website address to the for sale sign to give potential Buyers to easier access to information after passing by.


A convenient method to link a sign or flyer to a website address providing information about your property to potential buyers through their smart phones. A QR code communicates to others that your web site is mobile compatible and is easier to scan as compared to manually typing in a web site address.


A targeted direct mail campaign aimed at local area renters and nearby neighbors can sometimes pay off. Neighbors may know of family members and friends who are planning to buy and a direct mail piece could trigger them to help sell your property.


Provides a toll free 24/7 number which gives callers an audio home tour. The information is provided on signage or flyers. The contact information of the caller is captured which can be later used by the agent to follow up and attempt to develop further interest in the property. Many times the callers are not serious buyers or the property simply doesn’t fit their needs. Call capture is usually more beneficial to the agent who use the information to possibly guide potential buyers towards properties which better fit their needs.


Still available, but not very effective. Most people who attend open houses are curious neighbors and people who are thinking about buying in the future. Occasionally, an open house will catch that one serious buyer, but most open house attendees who are ready to buy will usually find your home incompatible for their needs and locate a different property instead. Open houses are usually more beneficial to the agent who can meet potential home buyers and guide them towards properties which better fit their needs.


Still available, but usually very ineffective and extremely costly as compared to internet marketing. For every one person who responds to a print ad, there are likely dozens of others who are more likely to respond to their personal online research. A print ad may catch the interest of someone who is thinking about buying, but when they are truly ready to buy, they will likely rely on information from the internet when screening potential properties. Print media is more effective at bringing agents more listings which is why many agents use up a portion of the ad space advertising properties with a “Sold” banner.


Are you ready to sell your property?

When you are ready to proceed with the house selling process in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, or any of the surrounding areas in Palm Beach County Florida, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I will promptly respond, provide you with the exceptional services you deserve, and I will do my best to exceed your expectations!