Entice Buyers with Eye Catching Pictures

The majority of home buyers usually find the home they plan to purchase, by first seeing it online.


The average online buyer will decide in under 10 seconds whether or not they like your home. That is how long your house has to make an impression.


Which picture do you think will get the buyer to pause and give your home a closer look?


All of these pictures are of distressed properties, some with dirty walls or faded paint. Imagine how your well maintained home will look.


Open up another browser window and compare these pics to actual property listings.


I will list your home and make sure it stands out from all the rest, to help attract the most showing traffic.


The pictures of your home can be enhanced as much you like…


…or toned down to what you feel is more appealing to buyers.

Call me today to list your home and I will find you a Buyer!

Originally posted 2013-02-09 09:16:45.