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Entice Buyers with Eye Catching Pictures

The majority of home buyers usually find the home they plan to purchase, by first seeing it online.


The average online buyer will decide in under 10 seconds whether or not they like your home. That is how long your house has to make an impression.


Which picture do you think will get the buyer to pause and give your home a closer look?


All of these pictures are of distressed properties, some with dirty walls or faded paint. Imagine how your well maintained home will look.


Open up another browser window and compare these pics to actual property listings.


I will list your home and make sure it stands out from all the rest, to help attract the most showing traffic.


The pictures of your home can be enhanced as much you like…


…or toned down to what you feel is more appealing to buyers.

Call me today to list your home and I will find you a Buyer!

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List Your Home on the MLS


I am currently offering a MLS listing promotion to home sellers in Palm Beach County, at a reduced commission rate of only 4%, with no upfront fees.

You will receive full real estate listing services from a Florida licensed Realtor. Your property will also be advertised on, Zillow, Trulia,, and over 100 other real estate web sites. Your property listing will also receive its own web site offering far more details, which may not fit on the MLS or other web sites due to space limitations. This web site would then be advertised on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to help inform potential buyers of what your property has to offer.

And, to make sure you are fully satisfied with my services, you will not be required to commit to a 6 or 12 month contract. You will have the option to cancel my listing services anytime, without penalty.

  • I will do my best to maximize exposure to potential Buyers.
  • I will make sure I communicate with you as often as you like, and provide any advice which you may require.
  • I will diligently negotiate the highest and best offer from any interested Buyer.
  • I will do my best to outperform the majority of real estate agents who normally charge the traditional 6% commission rate.
  • I don’t make a penny until your home is sold!

Contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and I look forward to your call or email!

Jack Liebsch II
LoKation Real Estate

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Donate part of my sales commission to charity!

Commission donation program

I will donate up to 50% of my personal sales commission towards the charity of your choice, on your behalf, when you sell a home using my real estate transaction services. The commission donation percentage will vary, depending upon the sales price, location, and agreed upon commission rate. The donation amount will be credited and paid to the charity of your choice at closing.

Please see the following examples of potential donation amounts of common real estate transactions in Jupiter, Florida;

$750,000 =
$500,000 =
$370,000 =
$250,000 =
$100,000 =
$11,075 (50%)
$7325 (50%)
$5375 (37%)
$1788 (25%)
$530 (20%)

You may also benefit from this donation by claiming it as a tax deduction.

For a specific donation amount on any particular property, please contact me for further details.

To take advantage of this program, please reference this promotion at time of initial contact and specify your desired charity. This offer may not be combined with any other offers or discount programs and may not be available to referrals received through other real estate brokerages.

Help out your community and share this donation program with others!

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