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Jupiter Beach Surfers & Paddle Boarders Surfing

One of those rare days on Jupiter Beach when the waves were somewhat conducive to surfing. Many surfers and paddle boarders came out in force to take advantage of the conditions.

Jupiter Surfer checking out conditions

These pictures were take on Sunday November 25th, 2012 at around 2 PM.

Surfing at Jupiter Beach

Probably would have acquired some really nice shots if had used a telephoto lens.

Surfing near Jupiter Inlet

These pictures were taken between Jupiter Inlet and Juno Beach Pier.

Surfing near Juno Beach Pier

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Jupiter Florida Surfing

For surfing conditions in Jupiter, Florida , visit

Surfing in Jupiter Florida

For surfing lessons check out Blue Water School of Surfing in Juno Beach, Florida. They offer private and group surfing lessons, surf camps, and paddle board surfing lessons.

Jupiter Beach Surfers

Since Jupiter Beach is one of the few beaches in South Florida where dogs are allowed, a few pet owners brought their best friends along for some surfing lessons.

Jupiter dog learning to surf

Not everyone came to surf. It was a great day to just hang out at the beach with the family, play in the sand, fly a kite, and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Relaxing at Jupiter Beach

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Riding waves in Jupiter

The paddle boarders seemed to have an easier go of it since they didn’t have to be too selective in their wave choice thanks to a little extra push from their paddles.

Jupiter Paddle Boarders riding the waves

Visit Ocean Magic Surf Shop, located on the corner of US-1  and Indiantown Road in Jupiter, Florida,  for surfboards, clothing, and other accessories.

Jupiter Beach Paddle Boarding

If you are an avid surfer, please consider joining the Surfrider Foundation of Palm Beach County, a non-profit activist group who is interested in educating and protecting our ocean, waves, and beaches.

Paddle Boarders Surfing in Jupiter

To view a webcam of current surf conditions, check out the Jupiter Inlet Webcam.

Jupiter Paddle Board Surfers

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Donate part of my sales commission to charity!

Commission donation program

I will donate up to 50% of my personal sales commission towards the charity of your choice, on your behalf, when you sell a home using my real estate transaction services. The commission donation percentage will vary, depending upon the sales price, location, and agreed upon commission rate. The donation amount will be credited and paid to the charity of your choice at closing.

Please see the following examples of potential donation amounts of common real estate transactions in Jupiter, Florida;

$750,000 =
$500,000 =
$370,000 =
$250,000 =
$100,000 =
$11,075 (50%)
$7325 (50%)
$5375 (37%)
$1788 (25%)
$530 (20%)

You may also benefit from this donation by claiming it as a tax deduction.

For a specific donation amount on any particular property, please contact me for further details.

To take advantage of this program, please reference this promotion at time of initial contact and specify your desired charity. This offer may not be combined with any other offers or discount programs and may not be available to referrals received through other real estate brokerages.

Help out your community and share this donation program with others!

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Why Consider a Short Sale?

Reasons a Short Sale Might Be More Appealing

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your home and you are struggling like many other home owners who have a mortgage which exceeds the market value of your home, then a short sale may be your best solution.

Do not feel you must have a desperate reason to justify your need for a short sale. There are numerous hardship reasons on why you may have to to sell your home.  Some of these include loss of employment, reduced wages, divorce or separation , overwhelming debt, military service, death in the family, medical hardship, mortgage rate adjustments, business failure, and job relocation.

Here are possible  benefits of choosing a short sale over foreclosure;

Forgiveness of Debt

For many home owners, the biggest benefit of a short sale is the forgiveness of debt by their lender. Many clients find it hard to believe their bank will actually settle for less than what is owed on their mortgage. Banks will usually prefer to mitigate their losses by settling the debt through a short sale. The foreclosure process for banks is a more expensive option which can sometimes drag on for many years. It is in the bank’s best interest to settle the debt as efficiently as possible to avoid further losses.

Impact on Credit

One of the biggest concerns people have is effect a short sale will have on their credit scores. The general consensus is that a short sale will have less impact on a credit score versus a foreclosure. A foreclosure could drop your credit score by roughly 200 to 300 points. A short sale may only drop your credit score roughly 50 to 150 points, as long as you are current on other debt obligations.

Purchasing a Home Again

With a short sale, you are more likely to obtain a traditional mortgage on a new home in as little as 2 years following a short sale. If you are foreclosured upon, you will likely have to wait at least 7 years to acquire a traditional mortgage.

Relocation Assistance

Depending upon the situation, some home owners may be eligible for relocation assistance through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) Program and/or a Seller Incentive payment directly from their lender to help encourage underwater home owners to consider a short sale. HAFA may provide $3,000 in relocation assistance to the home owner. A few lenders may contribute as much as $35,000 in relocation assistance.

Dignified Solution

Having your home sold by the bank through a foreclosure auction can be a traumatic and embarrassing experience to many families. With a short sale, home owners can exit a bad situation more gracefully. If done properly, friends, family, and neighbors may not even discover that you are losing your home.

If you are unable to stay in your home and you are ready to sell, please contact me to help guide you through the short sale process.


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